December 20, 2010

Chess Studies

It's winter, cold, public transportation is not working properly...beautiful but very annoying for those who have to travel. 
I am sitting comfortably at home, enjoying chess by solving some studies!
Underneath you can find a selection, 4 studies to warm up your brain:)
In all diagrams: White to play and win!


  1. I'll try a solution for the second study...
    1.Bd3 Bxg7 2.Ba6!
    a)2...d4 3.Kg6 Bh8 4.Bh3! Kb7 5.Nd8+ Kc8 6.Nf7 +-
    b)2...Bc3 3.Kg4 d4 4.Kf3 d3 5.Ke3 d2 6.Ke2 Bh8 7.Kxe2 and the white king will go to c8 to ensure the checkmate with the bishop at b7 (I think Ivanchuk won a great ending like that).

  2. Correct! I assume that in line a you mean 4.Bd3.
    Good luck with the other ones!