July 5, 2011


I am playing in Spain, Barbera del Valles, at the moment. Thus, I cannot enjoy the latest article from the Dutch magazine, Matten, written by my brother in law: Dennis l'Ami. The subject is about Johan van Hulst, the hundred-years old veteran of the Dutch chessworld. To refresh your memory, he was a guest of honour during the closing ceremony in the Tata Steel Chess tournament, 2011. A very interesting chess life story, available now for the public.

Dennis is a writer, designer and one of Erwin's brothers. He wrote before an article for us: Chess is cool!

Dennis' first book: "De eeuwige mens" (Eternal man)

Johan van Hulst and the younger generation,
Tata Steel Chess 2011.

On facebook, Dennis gives us an insight on his article: "De nieuwe Matten met een lang stuk van ondergetekende over Johan van Hulst, de honderd-jarige nestor van de nederlandse schaakwereld. Deze oud-CDA-senator, verzetsheld en professor kijkt terug op een rijk leven." - forgive my translation: The latest Matten, with a long piece of the undersigned, on Johan van Hulst, the hundred-year-old patriarch of the Dutch chess. This former Christian Democrat senator, resistance hero and professor, looks back on a rich life.

Unfortunately, I have to be patient, play my tournament and wait to come back home to read the article...

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