May 7, 2012


I have never liked computer games. To me it easily becomes boring, repetitive and painful for both my eyes and my back. So why bother?!
Unfortunately, nowadays we cannot really survive in chess without a computer. We have to check our lines, we have to ask the 'genius' for the best continuation and so forth. I am trying as much as I can to move the pieces on the board, to check the books I have on my shelves, but at concentration is out the window. This is happening especially when I am training alone and I become tired to ask myself questions, give the response and keep my discipline in place for many hours to come. If only it would be a little bit more entertaining, a little bit more fun - I could work for days in a row! 
Well, good news! Computer is not always an enemy for chess but an ally, if used properly. And because lately I have been literally 'obsessed' by a new way of improving my chess skills, with the help of a chess website, I see myself morally obliged to share this new discovery with you!

Naturally, we need variety in our trainings. Only by checking openings or by playing online will never make us the complex players we are aiming to become. And solving tactics is a very useful tool to improve our visual skills, to feel the danger, to become sharper and trickier, or simply to wake up the brain in the morning, before we continue with the more complicated stuff.

There are plenty of tactic books of course. But they have a small inconvenient: it is again a sort of static activity; it is up to you how long you think on a certain position, how disciplined you are to keep on trying before you check the solution etc. Also, they tend to be quite heavy if you have to travel:)
There are also many websites where you can have more fun, where you have the clock ticking while you are is more alive already. But the downside is: not enough diagrams, they become repetitive and most of the times: they are simply too easy or ugly. So what to do?

For decades, pyschologists put a lot of efforts in trying to figure out which are the best methods for learning. There is a lot of controversy around this subject, but personally, I feel the best way which works for me is: playing! In this way I don't really feel I am actually working but mostly as if I am having fun, which is extremely rewarding for my brain.
Therefore, this idea, of combining usefulness with pleasure, was brought to life in a new, fresh and very entertaining website:!

Just a small sample of what you can find on the website
Different games, different levels - something for everyone in a beautiful package

There is no wonder I am attracted by this new way of working on my chess. The appealing design and the entire concept behind the working method are a perfect match. Plus, the number of puzzles is constantly growing, so you have little chances to see the same positions again.

The one who takes care of that, the one who is responsible for my new addiction, is chess trainer Cor van Wijgerden (also known from the steps method). 

I am having great time on their website, first of all because the tactics they have are beautiful, and second of all: it is so much fun! 
But I shouldn't spoil the pleasure and let you discover on your own this new and very motivating working weapon!


  1. I love Chessity, it motivates me far more than any other puzzle-solving method and it's teaching me some hard lessons that every other method has failed to get into my thick skull!

  2. I don't mean to be contrary, but I know hurts me.

  3. I am sorry to hear that. I love it and I know it is difficult at times but better to be prepared for the real task: a chess tournament.

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  7. I like chess because it can train the brain to create strategies and tactics

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