April 24, 2011

Chess Easter

Because it's Easter time...let's shift a bit from eggs, bunnies, chocolate, cakes & co, to a place that calls itself the "navel of the world":

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The island of Rapa Nui, better known to the Western world as Easter Island, is remarkable for many reasons, chief among them that a few of the earlier inhabitants carved more than 900 stoic lava rock monuments around the island - for reasons that are unclear to this day.

Whether Rapa Nui is a living archaeological exhibit, a South Pacific idyll, a chess board for the gods or a homing torch for space aliens, it rarely fails to capture the imagination of all who hear about it.

Ultimate landscaping contest on fx.worth1000.com
1st place - by malfunctionflims.

It seems that Gods were enjoying chess when playing in their Giant Easter Chess Club:)
Just an idea: chess tournament in Chile?!




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