May 7, 2011

Weekend Challenge

Mate in two moves...piece of cake, isn't that right?! Strangely enough, sometimes it's not that easy. Try to solve the following exercises, it's fun and useful at the same time. By working faithfully six hours a day you may eventually get to be a notorious GM and work ten hours a day:)

In all diagrams White should give mate in only two moves! How exactly?
We had these positions in our chess club today and I couldn't stop laughing when I found the solution for the last two. The first ones are for warming up your brain:) Good luck!


  1. 1.Qh6... 2.g8(N)... 3.0-0.... 4hg6

  2. Took me about a minute, of which the most time was spent on the first. 2,3 and 4 were done more or less instantly.

  3. 4hg6
    is assuming Black's last move was Pg5, which may not be true.
    But if this is not the case, hardly any solution for mate-in-2.

  4. 1. Qf3

    1. g8=N and then 2. h8=N

    1. hxg6

    1. Kf1...

    are correct?

  5. The second one is correct. The other three, you can still think a bit or check the first comment. Good luck!

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