June 12, 2011

How to be a champion in chess and life

Do you ever get that feeling deep down that you should be able to accomplish much more than you are at present? 

1. Turn your ability into achievement:

Discipline is what turns your ability into achievement. Without it, your goals will always be daydreams at best. Working out two days last week, five days this week, and three days next week will prevent you from ever reaching your podium.
What is missing or what are you tolerating in your life that is preventing you from establishing discipline? 

Gold Medal Tip: Grandmasters are made daily, not in a day.

2. Don't let your competition define who you are:

Does this scenario sound familiar? You are right in the middle of your chess club and feeling great, but than you start looking across the room and see your nemesis, the individual who has everything you are trying to attain. Maybe you want his intuition, creativity or his flawless repertoire, which reminds you of Kasparov. Too often we are guilty of comparing ourselves to our team mates, a training partner, or another individual that we don't even know. If you want to win your game, you first have to win your inner game. The competition is not you versus them. It is about you versus you.

Gold Medal Tip: Only focus on what you can control…YOU!

3. Monitor Your Training:

Just because you are active does not mean that you are actually accomplishing anything. In fact, this approach actually could be detrimental to your body and brain. How many people do you know work on chess four or five days a week but do not actually have a goal in mind? Better yet, if you were to ask them what they did two weeks ago they probably could not tell you. Many Grandmasters would be able to tell you exactly what they were working before, where they still have problems or what they will do in the upcoming days. Another key point is to find the balance between quantity and quality. Many times is better to work just 3 hours a day, but to be completely focused, than to have the chess board in front of your eyes for 8 hours and let your mind wandering around.

Gold Medal Tip: You might be interested in reading the article on the goal setting.


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  2. I enjoyed the article - good advice for undertaking any sustained endeavor and hoping to improve one's performance. I also enjoyed those photographs from top players' younger days! Oh my!

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