About me

A little about myself:

1. Birthday: 01.06.1985
2. Current location: Roumania, The Netherlands and...in between, usually airplanes, hotels, buses, trains&co.
3. Achievements: 
        *Education: Graduated cum laude the Al.I.Cuza University Iasi, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences (works perfectly with chess:)
        *Some of my Chess Results:
                - World Champion under 10, in Sao Laurenco, Brazil
                - European Champion, under 18, in Peniscola, Spain
                - Women Balkan Chess Champion, in Istanbul, Turkey
                - Sports Merit Order: rewarded in 2004 by the roumanian president Ion Iliescu, with the Sports Merit Order, 3rd class, for the accomplished chess performances and entire sportive activity, for the contribution in promoting Roumania's image
                - "Fair Play" prize for entire activity, 2002, Bucharest
                - European Vice-Champion: 1994, Herculane, Roumania, girls under 10
                                                            2002, Novi Sad, Serbia, under 18
                - I received the Woman International Grandmaster title in 2005
                - 12 titles of National Champion
                - 3rd place, 5th board in the Chess Olympiad, Dresden, Germany 2008
                - 2nd place, 3rd board, in the European Club Cup for women, Kallithea, Greece 2008
                - Rewarded in 2002 with the title of the best roumanian chess player
                - 1st place in different national and international chess events


4. Languages:
                - Roumanian: my native language
                - English: fluent; the language I speak with my husband. And we understand eachother quite well:)
                - French: intermediate; I learned it in school but never really practiced; I think I would need a few weeks in France and I would manage to make myself completely understood;
                - Dutch: my husband's language...very beautiful but so difficult, for the moment:) I understand what people are talking about and I can communicate as well, but in simple sentences.
                - Spanish: roumanian language is a latin language and it's easy for me to understand spanish, the only problem appears when I have to communicate fast and in complicated sentences;
                - Italian: the same as spanish
5. Experience:
         *Chess Trainer for Women's Olympic Team in Yemen: for a month I was the coach of yemeni women's olympic chess team, which required also my psychological skills and knowledge, in order to cope with a different mentality, culture and difficulties in communication. It was a wonderful experience, I have great memories and I learned a lot about people, including myself. But the most memorable lesson I received there was: how to give to the others from what I don't even have! The friends I made there were sharing everything with me and if they are reading this: I MISS YOU!
         *Television Presenter: when I was 10, untill 11, I had a chess tv-show in my hometown, Iasi.

A few questions to get to know me better:)

1. Morning or night person? I am definitely a morning person, I cannot stand to lose my entire day sleeping.
2. Sweet or salty food? I tend to eat too many sweets while playing chess, trying to gain some extra energy and not to fall asleep, so naturally I prefer salty food during the day.
3. Collections: for the moment I don't have any colletction. I used to have: stamps, money, but in time I lost my interest.
4. If I could be any animal, what would I be? Maybe a giant tortoise?! They can live for about 177 years or more in some cases.
5. If I could have any superpower, what would it be? Besides the ones to help world being a better place, I would like to be able to...teleport myself; much easier than always fighting to catch a good flight ticket, to struggle in reaching train stations and so on.
6. What is usully the first thought when I wake up: what time is it?!
7. What do I usually think about right before falling asleep: did I lock the door?!
8. Favourite colour: the one that matches with the ambiance.
9. Favourite animal: dogs.
10. Do I believe in extraterrestrials or life on other planets? I think it would be weird that in such a big universe to be the only living creatures.
11. Ever been addicted to a video/computer game? Didn't have the chance yet, i tend to get bored within minutes by any computer game, I prefer to go outside for a walk.
12. I'm given 1 million dollars, what do I spend it on? With 1 million dollars...I would make another million and travel around the globe:)
13. Bad habits: too much coffee during tournaments.
14. One thing I wish I could change about myself: to take faster decisions, I tend to analyse too much because I want perfection.
15. If I could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? It doesn't matter, as long as I am happy. For example: I always wanted a warm and sunny country. So here I am, in The Netherlands, with unpredictable weather:) And I even like it now!
16. If I could visit anywhere in the world, where would I go? It should be a place very difficult to reach...like the moon! But talking about countries...maybe an exotic island: Bora Bora or Easter Island.
17. Five goals on my life's to-do list: 
          1. To speak dutch fluently.
          2. To become a sports psychologist or an interior designer specialist.
          3. To reach a 2400 elo rating.
          4. To make people around me happy (sounds a bit vague, but I don't know how else I should say it; in any case, I am never tired to say a good word to the person next to me).
          5. To make sure my family has all they need.
18. One regret that I have: I always wanted to be an interior designer, maybe I can still do that, why not?
19. One thing I miss being a kid: days seemed to be longer than now.
20. One thing I love being an adult: it is perfectly acceptable to drink coffee mid-afternoon (which I can then regret later when I can't sleep).
21. Favourite song: Shine on you crazy diamond, Pink Floyd; and many others
22. What would be my dream job? To earn money doing something I love. I don't mind working day and night, as long as I like it.
23. Which would I rather have: 100 million dollars or true love? I am lucky, I have true love and the 100 million dollars is on it's way:)
24. If I could have 3 wishes granted, what would they be?
            1. Make sure my family is healthy and happy.
            2. An elo rating of 2700 for my husband.
            3. An around the globe ticket:)
25. Ever wish I was born the opposite sex? I am very curious in general, I would have liked to have this experience for one day, but I prefer to be a girl, I got used to it:)
26. If I had to change my name, what would I change it to? I like Anna very much, maybe because it was the name my mother wanted initially for me. It's my grand grandmother's name.


  1. i definitively like your personality ;-) and i love your chess blog.
    please can we stay in touch ? :-)
    Dounia (we met in spain at barbera del valles)

  2. Hello Dounia! Of course I remember you!
    Thanks:) You can write me on email.
    Hope all is fine and you are doing great!

  3. ;-) ok let's go for mails and skype if you want

  4. Wow.. beautiful website with lots of Intresting Q & A, Blogs !!.. very innovative...love to visit it again !
    hope you will continue to
    make it more & more Intresting day by day...

  5. Hello Alina, nice website, nice presentation, nice goals,I hope you will achieve them all 'cause you really deserve the best in both sport and life!
    ma bucur mult pentru succesele tale, tine-o tot asa!si...casa de piatra!
    Ranko Szuhanek

  6. Fiindca ai adus vorba de “moon” si “Pink Floyd”, sa stii ca luna are si o “dark side”. E bine sa privim uneori si acolo. Avem ce invata. Asta e jocul realitatii. Cu doua fatete. Ca si sahul. Si patratele albe si negre. Iar rezultanta este un gri.

    “I am very curious in general” – de prea multa curiozitate a murit pisica. A, in cazul in care ea - curiozitatea – te indeamna sa privesti si dincolo de aparente in “dark side of the moon”, atunci esti invitata mea. Cunoaste-te pe tine insuti – e un indemn cunoscut inca din erele arhaice. Introspectia, meditatia, reflectia sunt practici ce limpezesc zgomotul mental al prezentului, un cotidian plin de nesat, tumult, efemer ce se sprijina pe coloane de nisip.

    “I'm given 1 million dollars, what do I spend it on? With 1 million dollars...”
    “Which would I rather have: 100 million dollars or true love? I am lucky, I have true love and the 100 million dollars is on it's way:)”
    Se pare ca nu se intelege cum vine treaba ca nu le putem avea pe toate. Fluturasi roz. Tavaliri prin ierburi si diamante. Rasturnari sub stele. Si-n caruta si-n teleguta.
    Du-te-n colo, vino-ncoace, lasa-ma si nu-mi da pace…
    Tu stii ce vrei de fapt? Putem afirma ca banii din mana ta sunt o promisiune a altcuiva de a-i rascumpara prin munca? Ca orice ban e numai credit? Cum se potriveste asta cu unul dintre “five goals“: “To make people around me happy.” Ii faci fericiti prin robie fata de cele 1 sau 100 de milioane ale tale? Sa stii ca una dintre legile universal valabile pe aceasta planeta albastra spune asa: de fiecare data cand cineva mananca, altcineva este mancat.

  7. Hello, you rock.
    i am not very good in chess, but I do my best effort.
    I like be as you, travel and win tournament, study an enjoy.
    If you want go to Easter Island you only talk me, because I am from chile, is the next of this.
    My mail is: Ricardo.Abarza.chess@gmail.com.
    good bye and good look.
    (My english is not very good, I am sorry)

  8. beautiful website,Very innovative, I will always visit inshaallah

  9. I like it!! . (paulino or Pau).

  10. Hello alina its enamul from Bangladesh. i don't know you personally but i can understand you perfectly. Because i like to play chess and i know about chess player mind ...... I am really happy to meet with you.. THANKS....

  11. Hello from Montreal! We look forward to seeing you here in September for the 2011 Montreal Chess Championship. Over at goddesschess.com we have already begun publicity for this event and will add more as the tournament date approaches! Our traveler's guide to the tournament and the city can be found at...


    A bientot

    Don McLean
    (webmaster for (goddesschess)

  12. Hi Alina - Hello from USA....loved reading your blog and liked your personality. Will visit again:-)
    Krishna B-Nair

  13. where is Bora bora? do you mean Boracay in the Philippines. it is our famous beach.

  14. Nice design and interesting articles, keep up the good work.

  15. I loved this chess blog! Congratulations Alina! When are you coming down to Australia? You will meet lots of young chess friends here who would be very glad to have you amongst them! BTW I used one of your photos of Arianne for a thread of the Australian Chess Chat Forum here:


    Cheers and good luck!

    Elliott Renzies

  16. Dott Antonio CerinaMarch 1, 2012 at 7:43 PM

    Of course Alina could improve again.

    I Think this is a nice blog.One of my favourites.In particular i like the connection that Alina makes between chess and psicology.And this is the main reason because i write here. if she will put articles about chess and history,chess and politics,chess and sciences(in particular regards chess and disabilities) i will write something of interesting. My vote honestly from 1 to 10 is 6.5\7.But Alina is young and with time this evalutation could grow up!.

  17. Hello Alina! Just watched a clip of you being interviewed at the Science Park Chess Festival in Amsterdam, and that's how I got here ;)

    From your Q&A here it is easy to see what a wonderful personality you radiate; absolutely a joy to read.

    Erwin must be a lucky man, and great to see you happy in rainy (at least this summer) Holland!

  18. I enjoy reading your articles when with time. Thanks.

  19. Alina's chess games/profile:

  20. Never stop writing Alina, cause very inspiring..

  21. Erwin must be a lucky man, and great to see you happy in rainy (at least this summer.
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