November 3, 2010

Edible Chess Set!

Chess doesn't have the reputation of being the most exciting game out there, but there are two things that you can introduce to heat things up a little. The first is money and the second is food (or possibly alcohol, but we'll stick to food in general). Whether you want to gamble on chess games is entirely up to you, but I rather like the idea of getting food involved by making an edible chess set to play with. This cookie cutter set comes with shapes for all the different pieces, as well as with a square, which you can use to make the 64 tiles that make up the board.
You'll need two different colors of cookie dough to play, and the ideal cookie dough will not spread too much when it is baking. Try a vanilla or buttter cookie recipe for the White pieces and a chocolate cutout cookie recipe for the Black pieces.

Not only do you have the satisfaction of taking a piece, but you can eat it as well!


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