December 10, 2010

International Women Tournament - Benidorm

There is always a first time for everything. I have played in churches, highschools, parks, but never in a hotel's reception:) Now, in Benidorm, this is exactly what we are doing: playing at the reception. You might say it can be noisy, difficult to concentrate because of the people who are passing by, but it's really not the case. When you focus on your game, you forget about anything else. Of course, if we play badly, we tend to put the blame on external factors, never ever we think about questioning our abilities:)) 
In any case, the tournament gets a lot of attention here, from locals, chess players, even from the hotel's staff! It's great to see that a tournament is not being played without being unnoticed.
For more information visit the official website where you can also watch the live games.

Playing hall: upper view

Our tournament is played in the hallway, at the reception.
Chess fans can easily watch the games, thus the competition is more popular:)

So many chess enthusiasts!

The games can also be seen live, on a big screen.
Last but not least: spanish hospitality is famous, now i know why:) 


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