August 5, 2011

Chess Study!

While waiting for Vlissingen games to start, I was browsing a very nice book: "Chess Study Composition", written by the Romanian - Emilian Dobrescu. I recently received it as a present from Yochanan Afek and I like it a lot. I will surely come back with more examples in the future!
For now, just a small teaser, which is kind of difficult by the way:

Can you hold a draw with White?

The hidden resource is: fortress!
1.Nh2+ Kg3 2.Bf7 a1Q+ 3.Nf1+ Kg4 4.Be6+ Kh5 5.Bd5 Qd4+ 6.Kh2 Qe5+ 7.Kg1 Kg4 8.Bg2 , setting up the saving fortress:

*study composed by G.Kasparyan


  1. This reminds me of Troitsky, by the way, if you do not know him yet, you definitely should and would love his studies.
    This one looks very challenging. I'll have to give it a try this week-end.

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