September 21, 2011

Silver medal for Roumania

The Romanian Chess is facing a rebirth: David Gavrilescu achieved the silver medal for his age group, under 8, in the European Youth Chess Championship, held between 10-21 September in Albena, Bulgaria. 

Our medalist in round 5, which he won:)
David, we are so proud of you!

Final ranking list

Rk.NameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1HUNKrstulovic AlexHUN16358.038.048.58
2ROUGavrilescu DavidROU18177.042.553.57
3RUSPak MatveyRUS18757.041.053.57
4GEOKacharava NikolozGEO07.037.548.57
  5RUSTrubchaninov ArtemRUS07.037.548.57
6FRATomasi AlbertFRA16447.034.544.06
7BULStoyanov TsvetanBUL15716.544.557.06
8SVKHaring FilipSVK06.533.042.56
9POLSzczurek KrzysztofPOL16296.532.040.55
10AZEMuradli MahammadAZE06.045.558.06

David was leading the entire tournament, having at some point 7 out of 7! Unfortunately it happened to him what happens many times to all of us: pressure had a word to say in the end. He lost the last two games and thus, ended on a very good 2nd place. I know that maybe for him it doesn't feel like a victory...when you are so close to your dream, to become champion, when you are so close to the 1st place that you can almost smell it, almost touch it, it's in your hands!...and than it vanishes:( I know the feeling and it's not great. But the silver medal is a wonderful result and we are sure there are many more gold ones to come! Luck will turn into your favour next time, so keep going!


For more info, visit the official tournament site.


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