May 1, 2011

Work time

While trying to bring my head into the chess mood, I discovered the following position:

White to move and win
It's not as easy as it seems to be...


I particularly liked this study because of the subtle Bishop's moves, which you will see underneath, in case you didn't solve it.
As you've already suggested, the mating threats are almost "touchable", but how exactly should we do that?!

1. Ra2+ Kb3 2. Bd1+ Kc3 [ 2...Kc4 3.Be2+ Kb3 ( 3...Kd5 4. Ra5+-; 3...Kc3 4.Rc2+ Kb3 5.Bc4+- and we brought our Bishop to cover the escaping squares:) 4.Rb2+ Ka3 5.Bd1 Qg8 to prevent mate on a2, but the position is hopeless, White has another Knight, 6.Nd4+-]

Black's last move was 2...Kc3, how should White continue?

I always love these quiet moves, such as...

3.Be2! having the same mating ideas, with Rc2, Bc4 and Ra2. Black is trying to prevent that by playing: 3...Qb7+ 4.Kc1 Qb3 amd we reach the following position:

Does it look like White has some troubles?!

5.Bc4! game over.

I've always considered studies a good working tool for improving your calculation abilities. It's even better if you manage to see all the lines without moving the pieces.
Coming back with more exercises, if you want of course:)


  1. your web the best...

  2. So far, I'm thinking that the white king has a2 and b2 guarded while white's knight has b4, so I have to get the bishop to cover a4 via f3.

  3. yo creo mas en Tc2

  4. But after 5.Bc4 how will it win white after 5...Qa4?

  5. Very good question. I forgot to mention that after 5...Qa4 White goes 6.Ne5 with the threat of Rc2, Nd3 and Ra2 mate, or taking the queen.

  6. What about 6...Qe8 how is white wining

  7. You mean 6...Qe8 in the line which ends with 6.Nd4? I am not sure if that's your position you were asking about; if yes, than White has mate in three with 7.Nc2+ Ka4 8.Ne3+ Ka3 9.Nc4 mate. Let me know if you meant a different line.