March 13, 2011

Chess Evolution

A new chess product has been recently released: Chess Evolution!
If you find yourself in a common chess dilemma, wondering how you can improve your strength, this might be an answer to your worries: a new periodical chess book.
With more than 100 annotated games from January and February 2011 (plus puzzle and endgame sections), with a devoted team behind, working to deliver you the most relevant information by using powerful computers in their analysis, Chess Evolution is a "must have" according to its promoters.
If you are not yet convinced, names like GM's Etienne Bacrot and Arkadij Naiditsch, the authors, might give you enough credit for the book's quality.

Most probably you are interested to find out more and the best person to ask for details is none other than one of its authors: GM Arkadij Naiditsch.
Because he has already achieved a peak rating of 2700 (April 2009) and he was the clear winner of the Dortmund Sparkassen 2005 Tournament (ahead of higher-rated and well-known players such as Loek Van Wely, Veselin Topalov, Peter Svidler, Vladimir Kramnik, Michael Adams, and Peter Leko), Arkadij is able to guide us on our way to become better players.

We all want to know more about this new project. Tell us about it.
Our new project is a periodical book and its first issue is already out "Chess Evolution March 2011". There will be 5 more issues this year to come, it means we publish every 2 month a new issue. 

Was it your idea?
The idea of Chess Evolution is to give chess players a possibility with only one book to stay updated about the most important theoretical changes of the past 2 months. We make a selection of the Top 100 games to be commented. That means, every buyer of our book will stay updated about the last 2 months theoretical changes, novelties, plus be ahead of running theory by our suggestions! The whole material in the book is at least made on a level of GM with 2650 ELO. Many things could be even used on a very Top level.

When it all started and why?
Etienne Bacrot and me, we thought about writing a book for longer time, but nothing in the direction of a periodical like "Chess Evolution".  It all started in the very beginning of January when Etienne proposed me the idea of CE which I liked a lot. We had to hurry up and work hard to be in time for the March 2011 edition.

Who are the contributors?
To do all the work with only two people is almost impossible, not to forget that we are still active chess players, so we took in the team of CE two more of our friends, Sebastian Feller and Sebastian Maze. Both of them have been working with Etienne since 2010. Sebastian Maze even went to Super Tournament in Nanjing to be Etienne's second! 

What is the difference compared to the Informator?
Chess Informant is giving a lot of games with little commentary, not on a very high level. Also many games are more than half a year old. 
The idea of Chess Evolution is completely different, we select only the best of the past 2 months and present it on a very high level.
What is your target public?
The book is very practical for every chess player who wants to follow the theoretical development or wants to have the Top games of the past 2 months, and it is almost a "must buy" book for a player who is more ambitious about his chess results.

How much time do you invest in it?
It's been a lot of work. And not only chess work! All in all at least 500 hours.

What are your future plans?
I will participate in the individual European Championship in France, after in Neckar Open and then in the French Top 12. 
Continue working on Chess Evolution and from the next week, my webpage will be out. First the page will be in German language, but probably soon we will have the site in English as well. will be a global chess site.

Will you still play as much as before?
Yes, I will still stay an active chess player.

You've always played in Dortmund, your hometown. How did it influence your career? 
Dortmund Super Tournament helped me a lot in my chess career as in the development as a chess player. It has been always for me a big honor to participate in this tournament. 

I went to the tournament's website but I couldn't find the starting list for this year. Are the participants already known?
Yes, the participants are already fixed. But lets way for the official publication.

We all read your open letter regarding the situation in German chess. Did something changed since than?
At the moment almost nothing, but we still have little hope that it will.

Everybody is using computer programs nowadays. Do you think that Chess Evolution will stimulate players to come back to books?:) 
I don't think it should be important, we are not a roman writers. But we hope, that many will appreciate our huge work and that Chess Evolution will help a lot of people to increase their chess level and bring them many points in the tournaments!

This is what you can expect to find in the book:

The list of analysed games:

(1) Vitiugov,N (2709) - Zhou Jianchao (2655) [A31]
(2) Volodin,Alek (2487) - Miezis,N (2546) [A52]
(3) Dreev,A (2694) - Damia,A (2360) [A70]
(4) Gashimov,V (2733) - Ivanchuk,V (2764) [B12]
(5) Motylev,A (2687) - Alsina Leal,D (2531) [B12]
(6) Barbosa,O (2461) - Le Quang Liem (2664) [B19]
(7) Kotsur,P (2559) - Riazantsev,A (2689) [B19]
(8) Wang Hao (2731) - Ponomariov,R (2744) [B19]
(9) Negi,P (2607) - Vaibhav,S (2421) [B48]
(10) Huschenbeth,N (2450) - Fier,A (2571) [B48]
(11) Sengupta,D (2558) - Edouard,R (2636) [B66]
(12) Hansen,TR (2439) - Corrales Jimenez,F (2591) [B76]
(13) Zhao Jun (2599) - Lu Shanglei (2416) [B78]
(14) Caruana,F (2709) - Movsesian,S (2721) [B83
(15) Erenburg,S (2600) - Shankland,S (2498) [B90
(16) Oleksienko,M (2552) - Zhao Jun (2599) [B90
(17) Shirov,A (2722) - Grischuk,A (2773) [B90
(18) Volokitin,A (2676) - Ruck,R (2558) [B90
(19) Kotronias,V (2599) - Xiu,D (2508) [B94
(20) Vallejo Pons,F (2698) - Morozevich,A (2700) [B96]
(21) Danin,A (2538) - Zilka,S (2479) [B97
(22) Ni Hua (2645) - Grover,S (2462) [C06
(23) Movsesian,S (2721) - Morozevich,A (2700) [C07]
(24) Zhigalko,S (2671) - Podolchenko,E (2516) [C11]
(25) Naiditsch,A (2685) - Volkov,S (2594) [C12]
(26) Kulaots,K (2577) - Fridman,D (2655) [C42]
(27) Carlsen,M (2814) - Aronian,L (2805) [C45]
(28) So,W (2673) - Sargissian,G (2667) [C45]
(29) Shirov,A (2722) - Carlsen,M (2814) [C45
(30) Kotronias,V (2599) - Kosteniuk,A (2498) [C45
(31) Nepomniachtchi,I (2733) - Kramnik,V (2784) [C45]
(32) Shirov,A (2722) - Kramnik,V (2784) [C45
(33) Iordachescu,V (2634) - Nezad,H (2420) [C60]
(34) Hovhannisyan,R (2530) - Pashikian,A (2640) [C67]
(35) Caruana,F (2721) - Ivanchuk,V (2764) [C69]
(36) Corrales Jimenez,F (2591) - Fedorchuk,S (2650) [C78]
(37) Kulaots,K (2577) - Caruana,F (2721) [C78]
(38) Navara,D (2708) - Ganguly,S (2651) [C78]
(39) Nakamura,H (2751) - Shirov,A (2722) [C78]
(40) Smeets,J (2662) - Shirov,A (2722) [C78]
(41) Nepomniachtchi,I (2733) - Shirov,A (2722) [C78]
(42) Shirov,A (2722) - L’Ami,E (2628) [C83]
(43) Grischuk,A (2773) - Carlsen,M (2814) [D07]

(44) Tkachiev,V (2636) - So,W (2673) [D10]
(45) Volodin,A (2487) - Shirov,A (2722) [D15]
(46) Cheparinov,I (2665) - Papin,V (2568) [D16]
(47) Shankland,S (2498) - Kuljasevic,D (2545) [D18]
(48) Sargissian,G (2667) - Hammer,J (2647) [D19]
(49) Aronian,L (2805) - Wang Hao (2731) [D19]
(50) Kasimdzhanov,R (2681) - Deviatkin,A (2573) [D19]
(51) Melkumyan,H (2617) - Petrosian,TL (2604) [D19]
(52) Vachier Lagrave,M (2715) - Wang Hao (2731) [D19]
(53) Bacrot,E (2716) - Mista,A (2574) [D20]
(54) Sargissian,G (2667) - Ganguly,S (2651) [D20]
(55) Zhigalko,S (2671) - Chadaev,N (2568) [D20]
(56) Bartel,M (2617) - Macieja,B (2636) [D38]
(57) Nakamura,Hi (2751) - Grischuk,A (2773) [D38]
(58) Werle,J (2574) - Gordon,S (2528) [D38]
(59) Vachier Lagrave,M (2715) - Aronian,L (2805) [D39]
(60) Aronian,L (2805) - Smeets,J (2662) [D43]
(61) Beliavsky,A (2634) - Kornev,A (2507) [D43]
(62) Miton,K (2616) - Wojtaszek,R (2726) [D43]
(63) Ter Sahakyan,S (2541) - Hovhannisyan,R (2530) [D43]
(64) Vachier Lagrave,M (2715) - Sandipan,C (2641) [D43]
(65) Giri,A (2686) - Smeets,J (2662) [D44]
(66) Nakamura,Hi (2751) - Smeets,J (2662) [D44]
(67) Giri,A (2686) - Wang Hao (2731) [D45]
(68) Battaglini,G (2437) - Erdos,V (2593) [D46]
(69) Kobalia,M (2666) - Petrosian,T (2604) [D46]
(70) Morozevich,A (2700) - Navara,D (2708) [D46]
(71) Rodshtein,M (2625) - Paikidze,N (2455) [D46]
(72) Wojtaszek,R (2711) - Smeets,J (2669) [D46]
(73) Aronian,L (2805) - Shirov,A (2722) [D52]
(74) Anand,V (2810) - Shirov,A (2722) [D52]
(75) Rodshtein,M (2625) - Zhou Jianchao (2655) [D74]
(76) Carlsen (2814) - Giri (2686) [D76]
(77) Goloshchapov,A (2576) - Howell,D (2616) [D76]
(78) L’Ami,E (2628) - Nepomniachtchi,I (2733) [D76]
(79) Vuckovic,Bo (2623) - Mekhitarian,K (2528) [D80]
(80) Aronian,L (2805) - Nepomniachtchi,I (2733) [D83]
(81) Gareev,T (2605) - Bykhovsky,An (2510) [D85]
(82) Kramnik,V (2784) - Vachier Lagrave,M (2715) [D85]
(83) Greenfeld,A (2557) - Ni Hua (2645) [D87]
(84) Shirov,A (2722) - Vachier Lagrave,M (2715) [D87]
(85) Nakamura,Hi (2751) - Vachier Lagrave,M (2715) [D87]
(86) Kasimdzhanov,R (2681) - Rodshtein,M (2625) [D97]
(87) Riazantsev,A (2689) - Rodshtein,M (2625) [D97]

(88) Tomashevsky,E (2695) - Le Quang,L (2664) [D97]
(89) Maletin,P (2621) - Volokitin,And (2678) [E08]
(90) Cheparinov,I (2665) - Salgado Lopez,I (2626) [E10]
(91) Alekseev,E (2701) - Sjugirov,S (2626) [E11]
(92) Cheparinov,I (2665) - Zhigalko,S (2671) [E15]
(93) Anand,V (2810) - Wang Hao (2731) [E25]
(94) Anand,V (2810) - Kramnik,V (2784) [E36]
(95) Shomoev,A (2557) - Andreikin,D (2689) [E36]
(96) Ding,L (2628) - Vocaturo,D (2570) [E90]
(97) Stokke,K (2413) - Bologan,V (2693) [E94]
(98) Melkumyan,H (2617) - Petrosian,D (2485) [E97]

And a glimpse to see how the book looks like:

I am "afraid" our luggage will become heavier...:)


  1. Hmm, this looks promising. I might just be able to improve my chess game with this, and I suck at chess. I'm more of a poker guy, if I may say so myself.

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