March 24, 2011

Monaco - Photo report!

Today, the 20th and final edition of the Amber chess tournament in Monaco came to an end. For the third time, Levon Aronian became the overall winner!
Last week, Erwin visited the tournament and underneath you will find a small pictorial impression.

Relaxing after a tough session of lasergame!
Free day in Nice.

GM Wouter Spoelman: proud winner!

Beautiful scenery on the way back from Nice to Monaco.

Erwin decided to make me jealous with his beautiful
room and view! And this was his balcony.

Outdoor swimming pool - doesn't look bad at all:)

Swimming pool part 2.

After dinner...dessert!

This is how they played blindfold.

The playing hall

Photo studio

Relaxation room

GM Jan Smeets providing live commentary
on Chess.FM and the tournament website.

Loek van Wely is happy after Anish Giri's win over
Hikaru Nakamura in the blindfold game.

Dutch GM's

Post mortem analysis

The other face of a professional chess player:)

This was the official hotel

Walking along the streets in Monaco.

The hotel's garden

View from the hotel.

For more information and final standings, visit the official website.


  1. Dla takich widoków warto grać w szachy
    Widok z okna uczestnika AMBER 2011 Na blogu Aliny L'ami ukazał się świetny fotoreportaż jej męża Erwina z jego pobytu w Monte Carlo

  2. very good pictures!
    so did u get jhealous?!
    how much was a night there at monaco and nice?

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