March 4, 2011

Two beautiful endgames

Today was an endgame day for me, quite interesting I must say. Underneath you have two beautiful diagrams, I hope you will not remember them immediately:) They are both famous, especially the second one, but it's always great to see again such brilliant miniatures.

How should White proceed?

How should Black make progress?


  1. Hi Alina,first I want to congratulate for your nice blog.
    The first diagram is from a time, when people still used to read books for preparing, I think. The symmetry on the third rank should solve both.
    Sa-i transmiti si lui Erwin salutari, te rog.

  2. Multumesc Matthias! Si multe salutari din partea noastra:)

  3. I think in the first diagram white wins this way:
    1.Ka3! Kc6 (1...Ne5 2.Nd6 +-) 2.Ka2! Kb6
    a)3.Nd6! Nf6 4.Ne4+ +-
    b)3.Nc7! Nf6 4.Nd5+ +-

  4. It's correct! Except the a) line, with 3.Nd6 Nf6 4.Ne4+ where black can play 4...Ne8. The second b)solution is good!

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