March 20, 2011

International Chess Open - ALIMINI VILLAGE

Haven't you decided yet which tournament to choose or where to go for a holiday? What about enjoying them both in Italy?!
The organizers of the International Chess Tournament - Alimini Village 2011 have the pleasure and honor to invite you all, between 21st and 28th of May, in a splendid location, for an event to remember.

The Village of Serra Alimini 1 is located north of Otranto (loc. Alimini lakes) in the pristine nature of the Adriatic coast of Salento: a fragrant pine forest separates it from a fine sandy beach and clear blue sea from the Caribbean colors. In a superb 4 stars resort you can enjoy a 9 round Swiss tournament, an unmissable opportunity for high-level chess, cultural events and different sport activities. All in the beautiful setting of Otranto and Apulia region, a unique landscape of rugged, reddish territory, villages of white-painted houses, with magnificent churches and palaces, witnesses of the historical heritage of crossroads of cultures. Also the local cuisine shows traits of the Arab, Spanish and Greek dishes, and the local dialect has many similarities with ancient Greek.

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A.D. Scacchi Corsico
Scacchi Randagi e Asd Chess Projects, in collaboration with
FSI - Comitato Regionale Puglia
ASD Accademia Salentina degli Scacchi
ASD Circolo Scacchi "Alekhine" Aradeo

Tournaments: (9 rounds - swiss system)

Open A elo > 1950 prizefund € 5.800
Open B elo until 2050 prizefund € 1.700

Time control: 1h30 x 40 + 30min. + 30" each move

10 prizes for open A and 10 prizes for open B

  • Prizes cannot be shared.
  • Players with same points at the end of last round will be classified according to bucholtz system.
  • Player who reaches his chess board 60 minutes later than mentioned in the daily schedule loses the game.

Open A - 1st € 1.300, 2nd € 900, 3rd € 700, 4th €
600, 5th € 500, 6th € 500, 7th €, 400 , 8th € 400,
9th € 250, 10th € 250

Open B - 1st € 600, 2nd € 300, 3rd € 200, 4th €,
5th € 100, 6th € 100, 7th € 100, 8th € 100, 9th €
50, 10th € 50

Special chess activities:
During tournament each day in the morning, (except 21st, 24th and 28th), a GM will lead an open chess lecture! International Masters will be supporting
four non titled players drawn by lot among first 70 players who joined the tournament, being resident in Alimini Village, as FREE TUTORS to help them
prepare their games daily and to analyse after. Just like personal trainers!

At the end of the tournament, from Sunday 29th May to Wednesday 1st June , is scheduled an Advanced Chess Training with a GM - FIDE Senior Trainer Igor
Glek (players rated > 2050) and with IM Pierluigi Piscopo (players rated ≤ 2050) for total of 19 hours of lessons (approx 5h per day!)

Schedule of chess training:
1st day 29/05 10.00-13.00 e 15.00-17.30
2nd day 30/05 10.00-13.00 e 15.00-17.30
3rd day 31/05 10.00-13.00 e 15.00-17.30
4th day 01/06 9.30 -12.30

Advanced Chess Training is totally free for chess players who joined tournament having their stay at Alimini Village, other players may join thanks to an additional fee of € 200.

On may 20th and 21st May FREE transfer will be arranged from Brindisi Airport and Lecce train station to ALIMINI VILLAGE.

On 28th and 29th May return FREE transfer will be arranged from ALIMINI VILLAGE to Brindisi airport and Lecce train station.
Different days or hours will have to be required and costs will be addressed.

Sightseeing tours to Otranto, Lecce, Zinzulusa cave etc. will be arranged on demand.

Collateral events:
- Beach-volley
- Football (grass field)
- Poker

Festival Manager: Mr. Matteo Zoldan
Tel: 0039 3356948385

Mr. Ezio Montalbini
Tel: 0039 3356036645

Underneath you can see the tournament's brochure, with all information about accomodation, deadline, schedule and all necessary details:

The official website of the tournament can be found here!

For a clearer picture, check the following video:


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