January 23, 2011

Tata Steel Chess - 8th round

A few days ago I was asking you:
Do you recognize the position on the board?

We can see the poster everywhere in Wijk aan Zee, it's part of the entire image change. The position was not randomly chosen. It is a beautiful game from 1999
when the tournament was called "Hoogovens", between Kasparov and Topalov. Not so many people noticed this and that's why I attached the game underneath: 

Today is Sunday, weekend and extremely crowded in De Moriaan! So many parents, children, kibitzers and chess lovers I have never seen during a tournament!
I made two videos at the beginning of the round, in my attempt to illustrate as well as I can the atmosphere from the playing hall. In in my previous video we were between the chess players, on the stage; now we are in the middle of the audience, behind the separating wall. I hope you will be able to make an idea because it was not an easy task: there were so many people that it became really difficult at some point to move around:)

In the first video, the Tournament Director: Jeroen van den Berg, is announcing the winners of the beauty prize. Everyday, before the round starts, the most beautiful games from all the 3 groups are rewarded, decision taken by the GM Ivan Sokolov. Another tradition: the starting moment of each round is announced by hitting the gong - today: the mayor of Beverwijk was here to do that, another example of how big and important this tournament is. Hopefully, it will continue many years from now!

The next video: I wanted to catch on camera how many people were in front of me, watching the games:) Really difficult to come closer to the boards, but the tv-screens help a lot - we can also follow the games there.

Tomorrow is a free day and the organizing committee arranged a trip to Haarlem for the players and accompanying persons. I am wondering who will come; usually the top players prefer to take a long and deserved rest. On the other hand, doing something else besides playing chess, is not a bad idea at all:) Coming back with impressions later on. Enjoy the games!!


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