January 17, 2011

Tata Steel Chess - Third Round

The third round is almost gone, days are simply running away here! And of course, surprising results, as some people would say: Anish won with the Black pieces against Magnus, while Erwin drew with Anand, in a game which looked promising for White.
But let's see more photos from today!

By Pia Sprong
No moves yet...

What was the correct way?!
Professionals: no matter what happened in the game,
they always want to find out the truth.

Anish, preserving his energy for the
big fight which was supposed to come against...

Magnus: number one in the world,
according to the January's rating list.
It seems that he didn't find his rythm yet and
today was not his best game ever.

Anish analysing his won game in the press room.
A few questions from the reporters:

Reporter: I heard that this is the first time in his life when Carlsen is losing against a younger opponent than him.
Anish: Hopefully not the last time:)

R: You mean against you?!:) Back to the game: what happened today? Was it
preparation? Did he blunder?
Anish: The opening went fine for me, I reacted well when he played something different, I had a position without any risks, than he made a blunder and it was all over:)

R: And what are your emotions right now? You won against the number one for the first time in your life!
Anish: Well...it would have been better if it would have been the last game of the tournament:) But it is very nice to win against such a player of course!

R: Does this game change your ambitions for this tournament?
Anish: Definitely not; probably such a game from Magnus won't appear again on the board for the next 10 years! I was lucky this time and nothing changes in the tournament for me or for anyone else.

R: Did Magnus say anything after the game, did you analyse it together?
Anish: It was a bad day for Magnus and there is no point in analysing such a game with someone having over 2800.

R: Against whom do you play tomorrow?
Anish: Hikaru Nakamura.
Choir: AA! Much easier than:) Good luck!

Underneath you can see the game, with a few of Anish's remarks that I managed to catch in the press room:

Happy! I like to see chess players smiling,
afterall: a point is the best reward for them!

Today Caissa was not on Jan's side,
he lost against Ruslan Ponomariov.

The playing area for the A and B groups.


  1. the last anish foto is great!!! i am very happy for him... also about your erwin. he is doing very well (draw against the world champion!!!) thank you for the more personal coverage than the avarage ones....

    kind greets, jacco

  2. anish giri is shining bright in this TATA STEEL tournament getting 1 point from magnus carlsen,, well congrats to erwin he is doing great against the world champ, i wish him good luck for his succeeding games, GOD BLESS YOU ALL

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