January 19, 2011

Tata Steel - Chess and Business!

Management evening:

Always on the evening before the first free day, chess players and Tatasteel-managers gather together for a traditional dinner. After desert, difficult times followed for both: managers and Tania Sachdev, who challenged them in a simul. The successful business people had to face a beautiful and strong woman player, while Tania was supposed to stand against all Grandmasters together!:) That's right, tricks were being used:
by "mistake", good moves were kindly suggested by Anish, Magnus and all the other players from A, B and C groups:) Not so easy for Tania, but she proved more than enough that women can play chess and quite well:)

A few drinks before dinner starts. Many players
are still in the playing hall, trying to win or hold their games.

Talking about chess, the games are still fresh
in everyone's memory:)

A relaxed evening before a free day: what could be better?!

Managers speaking about chess and
chess players speaking about management!
Interesting conversations for both sides.

Anand, steel, good food, chess, business...
I think everybody had a great time:)

Anand mentioned in his speech that one of the first tournaments
that he played, was the Tatasteel tournament in Calcutta, 1986!

It's a long tournament and Alexei has plenty of time
to strike back! Olga, his wife, is now here to support him.

The simul just started...

Tania was not aware of what they prepared for her...:)

Everything seems to be still under control.

Coffee, drinks, everyone is having a good time:)

Hmmm, something is not right!?

That's it! What is Anish doing over there?!

In fact, what are all the GM's doing behind the managers?!:)

After a few more drinks, talks and jokes, the successful evening ended! A well deserved rest day is there.


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