January 13, 2011

Tata Steel Chess - A Group poll

The closing date of our Tata Steel A -Group poll has come. Which means: the first round is almost there! Exciting for all chess lovers, as well as for me: Erwin is playing in the A-Group this year. No matter what will happen, it is a wonderful experience for both of us, even if he has to play against all these "scary" guys:)
But let's see who is your favourite in the race for the first place...

Magnus turns to modelling!
Photo: AFP
1. With 36% of your votes, Carlsen is the favourite this year. It doesn't seem to be a big surprise if we consider that he has the highest elo rating at the moment. Recently he won the London Classic tournament and he also finished on the first place in the Corus A-Group in 2008 and 2010. There is no longer necessary to mention his chances for striking again, this time in Tata Steel Chess!

See?! Chess players
are normal people!
2. Seen as the second candidate for the first spot, Aronian gained 17% of the votes. The end of 2010 was going into the right direction for him: winner of the Tal Memorial and of the World Blitz in Moscow. This and the fact that he was shared first in Wijk aan Zee in 2007 and 2008, makes him one of the favourites this year.

Ambassador for AMD
3. The third player in your preferences is Anand, with 14% of your votes. Current World Champion, after defeating Topalov in Sofia, winning 6 times the tournament in Wijk aan Zee over the years and coming now for the 16th time, Viswanathan doesn't need any introduction. He is clearly a candidate for the gold medal!

If we look above, the top three favourites are also the top three in the live rating list, with a slight change:
1. Carlsen: 2814
2. Anand: 2810
3. Aronian: 2805

l'Ami against Timman
by Pia Sprong
If we more or less expected the choices you have made so far, the next one came as a surprise: on the fourth position in the fight for the first place, with 12% of your votes: l'Ami! This unexpected result, is probably connected with the fact that I am his wife and that you were voting on my website:) I would like very much to see him on the first position at the end of the tournament, but the fourth place doesn't sound that bad either:) I think I will manage to deal with that...:)

Underneath you can see the votes for all the players and we will come back to our poll at the end of the tournament to compare the results:

  34 (14%)
  43 (17%)
  87 (36%)
  10 (4%)
  3 (1%)
  30 (12%)
  12 (5%)
  4 (1%)
  2 (0%)
  1 (0%)
  3 (1%)
  1 (0%)
  7 (2%)
Wang Hao
  3 (1%)

Tonight the drawing of lots for the C-Group will take place and tomorrow the A and B groups will follow. More information: coming up soon!


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