January 21, 2011

Tata Steel Chess - Black day

Tigran Petrosian
Having a bad day?!

Today was not a great day for the Dutch players. In all groups: A, B and C everyhting went wrong, even if they all had White.

  • In the A-Group: Erwin l'Ami, Jan Smeets, Anish Giri - they all lost
  • In the B-Group: Friso Nijboer and Wouter Spoelman - both a zero
  • In the C-Group: Benjamin Bok also lost; luckily Roeland Pruijssers and Robin van Kampen were playing each other and finally a draw was agreed...
There is not so much to be said in these kind of circumstances...maybe just one thing: when you win, you don't know what you might lose, and when you lose, you never know what you get in return.

For those who need a little bit of optimism in their lives:

It all depends on how you look at it...

The story says that there was once an african king who had a very good friend, they knew each other since they were kids. This friend had a habbit, that no matter how the situation was (good or bad), he was always reacting in the same way:"Everything is fine!"
One day, the king and his friend were out in the forest, hunting. Our optimistic hero was supposed to load the guns and prepare them for the king. But, like many times in life, an unfortunate thing happened: by mistake, he pressed the trigger and a part of the king's little finger was removed from its normal place...Examining the situation, our friend made his usual remark:"Everything is fine!"
The king was not that happy and he angrily replied:"No! This is not good at all!" and ordered his friend to be sent to jail.
One year later, the king was again out, hunting, this time in a dangerous zone.  He was captured by cannibals and brought to their village where, you can imagine, they didn't have funny plans with him. They were just discussing how exactly to prepare him, when one of the cannibals discovered that the king is missing a part of his little finger. They were a little bit superstitious because, according to their beliefs, they had a rule which didn't allow them to eat someone who was not...complete. In conclusion: they decided to release him!
On his way back home, he remembered what his friend was saying...he started to feel sorry and actually really bad that he put him in jail. As we all expect, he ordered  to be released and exonerated.
"You know my friend...you were right!"- said the king. "It was a miracle that I escaped from those barbarians and only thanks to you! Only thanks to what happened one year ago, when you distroyed my finger!" and he started to tell him the cannibals' adventure.
"I am so sorry that i sent you to prison, it was so bad what i've done...I really regret that."
"No", replied his friend: "Everything is fine!"
"What do you mean: everything is fine?! Are you nuts?! How can it be good the fact that you send your own friend for one whole year to prison?!"
"If I wouldn't have been locked up in jail, I would have been there, with you."

In whatever situation you might be, it all depends on you and your attitude, if it's a good or a bad one.

Tomorrow: time for another game!


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