November 15, 2010

Aronian - first place in Tal Memorial! Our poll was right:)

We had a poll running for a few days, about who was going to win the Tal Memorial. Aronian got 31% from our votes, which made him the favourite (in our view) in the race for the first place! And...voila! He is the first:) Of course...the last round was a very tense affair, which we all enjoyed for sure:) In any case, we predicted the winner!

Final Standings after nine rounds:

Levon Aronian

1. Aronian           5.5
2. Karjakin           5.5
3. Mamedyarov    5.5
4. Grischuk          5
5. Nakamura        5
6. Wang Hao        5
7. Kramnik           4.5
8. Gelfand           3.5
9. Shirov             3
10. Eljanov          2.5

I am wondering now...if we are such experts, why not happening the same (to be right), with our current poll for Tata Steel Chess?! I see that my husband gets a lot of support from you:) But you know...second place is also quite ok, I will be unhappy only for a couple of weeks...:)

1 comment:

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