November 11, 2010

Thursday, it started to be my favourite day:)

Trivia Day!

Yesterday evening Erwin gave a chess lecture in Max Euwe Center in Amsterdam, about the match between Anand and Topalov 2010. The Chess Center is located in the Max Euwe Plein (Square), definitely a must see for chess visitors!
Max Euwe
Once through the entrance we find ourselves in the museum. Panels with texts and photographs show an outline of the development of chess and Max Euwe's career. Glass cases display various objects from Euwe's chess inheritance. Chess sets from all over the world give an indication of the variety in chessmen through the ages.
MEC's attention for the history of chess finds expression in its videotheque as well. In the meeting room adjacent to the museum a dvd-player and monitor have been set up. MEC has obtained dvd's of the earliest chess films; visual material of rare, historical value; recordings of a more recent date are also available.
The walls of the meeting room have been fitted with a portrait gallery of female and male world champions. Under the watchful eyes of these celebrities you can play a game of chess. A splendid sight!

As mentioned before, Max Euwe Center is located on a beautiful square named after Holland's only chess world champion. On the square you will find a huge chess set next to a statue of the champion. The giant pieces are used day and night by enthusiastic chess fans. 

Erwin told me that now, in the night, it is even more beautiful, with a lot of lights from the Christmas decorations. And they are not regular ones, but in shape of chess pieces!

After visiting the Center, you turn right towards the Holland Casino. But as we know, gambling is bad, so you continue your journey by crossing a bridge...

Trivia: After whom is the bridge named?

Good luck in searching the answer:) Although...I am sure the Dutch people know:)


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