November 16, 2010

Chess Player's prototype: nerd or smart?!

I was are we, chess players, seen by the people from outside of the chess world? What is the chess player's prototype?! Are we seen as nerds, wearing glasses and speaking our own weird chess language?! Or, on the contrary, we are the lucky owners of a high IQ, with great intelligence and deep understanding of life in general?!
So far, I faced both opinions. Let's see how Chess' Image is used in Publicity.

"See what happens to someone who spends too much time without human interaction." -

Advertising - Geico: Insurance Company. Making fun of chess: watch carefully and you will see two light square bishops for White!  Can soccer announcer, Andres Cantor, make ANY sport exciting??? Take a look at this GEICO commercial and find out how exciting chess can be:

Sport: Here we have some cool guys discussing baseball mathematics, caught in the act by their nerdy classmates, chess players, who get a rare opportunity to reverse their roles at school. 

News and Politics: 80's Recruiting Commercial for the United States Marine Corps.

Sport: TNT commercial for the NBA playoffs. Features Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce, Joe Johnson, Dwight Howard, Deron Williams, Kevin Garnett and many more.

The following video is a trailer for the book CHESS RUMBLE by G. Neri and Jesse Joshua Watson (2007).

Chess Rumble provides a gripping and moving account of an eleven-year old boy's struggles with living in poverty in a single-parent household after the death of his sister. Plagued by feelings of rage and provoked by his younger brothers' antics and the taunts of his classmate, Marcus uses his fists as a coping device. Of course fighting makes his problems worse to the point where he risks getting kicked out of school and having to leave home. 

His bleak situation changes for the better when the school principal introduces Marcus to a chess master who has a program at the school that encourages troubled youth to fight their battles on the chessboard. Marcus does not take to the chess master or the program right away, but a particularly nasty fight and a visit to his sister's gravesite convince him to give the chess master another chance. Based on real inner-city enrichment programs that teach kids how to play chess, this book shows how a unique social program can help children to develop new skills, meet new people, and begin to overcome disadvantaged economic circumstances. This fast-paced and intriguing book is bound to hold the attention of most young readers as they get a good dose of important lessons in economics, sociology, and social policy. 

Advertising: Classic Ad - the legend of man who invented chess...

Advertising: Food

Where lies the truth? If we find out the answer to this question, maybe we will be able to promote chess in a better way!


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