November 2, 2010

Who likes to lose?!

Based on what Anish said (see the post from October 31: Close-up on the GM's!), I come now with another story from our wonderful chess life...this time I won't give names, I don't want to cause any embarassing situation. It occured in a game of one of my close friends and I was there when it happened. Now it seems funny of course, but when I look back and remember the situation, it was a clear example of how difficult we accept our defeats.
So, we have White and Black playing a game, without increment. Time trouble...a lot of tension, both sides are just banging moves, trying to save time, none of the players is asking for a was a very important game for medals, in an European championship. But, for some reasons, the arbiter was not there and...Black just didn't let White press the clock! He blocked it with the hand from the other side! Result?! White lost!
The problem was of can you prove it? Well...we usually hope for some fairplay:)

It is clear to me that we, chess players, face with more difficulties when losing a game. Perhaps more than in any other sport. I will explain why. To lose a chess game, which requires intelligence (of course, for professionals is a bit different, work is also required:), it's seen as a personal failure. Thus, a lack of intelligence. On the contrary, in another sport, we might claim: Oh, he was stronger or faster. But in chess...Oh, he was smarter, clever and...I am stupid.

But, afterall...chess is great, isn't it?!


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